Monday, January 2, 2017

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Trio can sign for the flaviense emblem in the coming days.

The departure of Rodrigo Battaglia to Braga, a club he returns to after Chaves, and the possibility that right-back Paulinho and midfielder Rafael Assis can follow the same path will force the Flavia leaders to reshape the squad now led by Ricardo Soares, who won Jorge Simão in the technical command after his departure for Braga. The loan scenario of Arsenal players to Chaves has gained momentum since Battaglia's return to Pedreira and in this context middleweight Pedro Tiba and Bakic are players desired by the flavienses.

Chaves: Rafael Assis between Marseille and Betis
Regarding the winter reinforcements, besides Rafael Batatinha (Santa Clara), Davidson (Covilhã) will be confirmed shortly by Chaves, while Sérgio Oliveira (FC Porto), Pelé (Benfica) and Pedro Tiba (Braga) will be able to sign in the coming days . The hiring of a central will be a priority if the exits of Carlos Ponck and Mathaus are confirmed (will be loaned to the Ac. Viseu), and there is also doubt about the loan of the the young forward Fall.