Friday, June 23, 2017

@RinkHockey @SLBenfica to boycott the final 4 of the @PortugueseCup because of a referee decisions in the final week of the @FPP National championship

SLBenfica lost the championship with miserable calls by the referee's , and the decision they will not appear in the finals of the Portuguese Cup, it will be a big lost to the sport if Benfica will decide to terminate the sport.  

Through a statement published on its official website, the Portuguese Skating Federation reacted to the boycott presented by Benfica, which, in protest, will not be present in the final-four of the Portuguese Cup in Gondomar.

«The Portuguese Skating Federation (FPP) was aware of the statement from Sport Lisboa e Benfica, stating the intention to not appear in the Final Four of the Portuguese Men's Cup, to be held from 24 to 25 June 2017 , In the Multipurpose Pavilion of Gondomar.

The FPP regrets the decision of Sport Lisboa and Benfica and the inevitable negative consequences that come to it for the Hockey in Roller. However, only Sport Lisboa e Benfica is responsible for such a decision.

The FPP announces that all the schedules and procedures are foreseen for the games of the Final to Four of the Portuguese Men's Cup of Portugal ", reads in the note of the responsible organism.