Friday, June 30, 2017

@SLBenfica pre season schedule vs teams from #Switzerland, #England #Spain @AlgarveCup

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On the day of starting work in Seixal, Benfica revealed the full pre-season program.

The incarnates will work until July 12 in Seixal, Caixa Campus Campus, then leave for Switzerland, where they will face Neuchatel Xamax and Young Boys.

On July 18, he participated in the Algarve Cup, with games against Bétis Sevilla and Hull City, followed, in the image of last season, at St. Georges Park in London, where they will participate in the Emirates Cup, with Arsenal and Leipzig .


Day 12 (Monday) - Trip to Bern at the end of the day

Day 13: SL Benfica-N. Xamax in Grenchen (20h00)
Day 15: SL Benfica) -Young Boys in Biel (17h00)

Return to Lisbon after departure (time to be confirmed)

Day 18 (Tuesday) - Travel to the Algarve
Day 20: SL Benfica-Bétis Sevilla ¬- Algarve Cup (20h30), Algarve Stadium
Day 22: SL Benfica-Hull City - Private match (20h30), Algarve Stadium
Day 23: Trip to Birmingham at the end of the day

Beginning of the internship at St. Georges Park
Day 28: Trip to London at the end of the day

Day 29: Arsenal-SL Benfica (16h20)
Day 30: RB Leipzig-SL Benfica (14h00)

Return to Lisbon after the game