Friday, January 6, 2017

@Soccer @Futebol @BRAZIL #SLBenfica inspires @Flamengo

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Flamengo intends to replicate the Casas do Benfica model to significantly increase the number of members of the club, currently set at 75,815 members.

"I do not say that we will have a Casa do Flamengo, but Benfica has developed the model of Benfica House, there are about 300 houses that are like Benfica clubs scattered throughout Portugal and around the world, there is a Benfica house in São Paulo, where The Benfica fan will interact with the others, and there sell Benfica shirts, tickets, and the adept has to be a partner, "said Fred Luz, executive director of the emblem of Rio de Janeiro, in statements to Radio Globo.

"As long as Flamengo can develop such a model, it will increase the number of members and the sale of official club products. But we are still far from having a structured and assembled model, "he said.