Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#Portugal U 21 Bruma invited to play for #Turkey

Fatih Terim, Turkey coach, is trying to persuade Bruma to represent Turkey. The Portuguese winger has already been trained by the 63-year-old, who appreciates his qualities and is trying to take the Galatasaray player to the national team, as he has not yet made his debut for the main team, according to news on Wednesday. Newspaper The Game.

Despite this, the extreme formed in Sporting has not been interested in representing another selection than the Portuguese. According to the same newspaper, the Turkish coach already has the support of the federation which, if Bruma accepts the request of Fatih Terim, will leave the door open to Portuguese.

To achieve dual nationality, Bruma would have to reside in Turkey for at least five years, something that the player has not yet seen seen being in Turkey since 2013.

It is recalled that the extreme has already been called to the main selection but has not yet debuted and is a regular presence in the U21 selection of Portugal, which should be present in the European of the category to be held in Poland.