Sunday, April 8, 2012

BeiraMar U 19 - called to the A team - continue the tradition

Ulisses Morais calls 4 junior squad training with professional

The junior quartet, consisting of athletes Samuel (goalkeeper), Mathieu (middle) and Marc and Cassama (Forwards ), trained this morning in the stadium Mario Duarte, with the senior team professional. After the observation, in last Saturday's game with the Academic, the date for the phase of increase (Zone 1) national championship junior 2nd division, Ulysses Morias wanted a closer look at these four hopes of youth football auri-black and to assess whether there are potential followers to Arthur, Jaime and Ricardo Dias, who very recently have participated in our first team and that as they are often started in the youth of our club. 
At four young athletes, we wish all the best this stage of their sports and are an example to all others who, having now been called, also meet conditions to aspire to one day line up alon