Friday, August 26, 2016

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Futebol Sub-17
The Team das Quinas equalized on Thursday, three with the US, in a meeting concerning the 1st round of the Mexico Tournament.

Portugal  National Selection U-17 started its participation in the Mexico International Tournament with a draw (3-3) against the US, at a meeting on Thursday in Mexico City.
First half  with four goals, the US put themselves ahead after 22 ', by Andrew Carleton, but the Team das Quinas responded well and went around the marker through the Umaro Embaló goals (23') and Bernardo Sousa (27 '). The "bis" Andrew Carleton (40 ') prevented them from sub-17 going into the break ahead in the marker.

The goals of the second half came already close to the final whistle, with Ayomide Akinola (77 ') to bill for the US and Tiago Rodrigues (86') to make the last goal of the game and set the final result.

José Guilherme in direct speech:
"It was an extremely competitive game and well played by both teams, they have quality and they wanted to win the game. Our first half was excellent, the second was not as well play some circumstances but the team showed the character that characterizes it. It was a game in which I was extremely pleased with the performance of the team and also the players on an individual basis. 
About the upcoming gave vs Mexico "Mexico is a team with very different characteristics of the United States. Mexicans are more technicists players, so they will put us other problems that we found today [Thursday], as Americans have more power and physical dimension."  
Ficha de Jogo
Copa das Nações 2016 | 1ª Jornada
Cidade do México

Árbitro: Michel Caballero
Árbitros assistentes: Ramón Iván Hernández e Mario Terrazas
Quarto Árbitro: Alan Michel López

PORTUGAL 3–3 EUA (2-2 ao intervalo)

Portugal: Filipe Semedo, Mamadou Koné - Cap. (João Ferreira, 60'), Gonçalo Loureiro, Tiago Djaló, João Oliveira (Gonçalo Costa, 41'), Paulo Moreira, Romário Baró (Rúben Correia, 75'), Bernardo Sousa (Afonso Sousa, 41'), Daniel Simões (Tiago Rodrigues, 41'), Rodrigo Conceição (António Gomes, 60') e Umaro Embaló (Diogo Brás, 70').
Suplentes: João Monteiro, Gonçalo Costa e Pedro Justiniano
Treinador: José Guilherme.
Golos: Umaro Embaló (23'), Bernardo Sousa (27') e Tiago Rodrigues (86')

Estados Unidos: Justin Garcês, Arturo Vazquez, Christopher Gloster, Christopher Durkin - Cap., Rayshaun McGann, Christopher Goslin (James Santos, 47'), Timothy Weah (Ayomide Akinola, 47'), Blaine Ferri, Joshua Sargent (Adrien Villegas, 83'), George Acosta (Akil Watts, 83') e Andrew Carleton (Zyen Jones, 70').
Suplentes: Alexander Budnik, Carlos Asensio, Kele Cornfield-Saunders e Jake Arteaga
Treinador: John Hackworth.
Golos: Andrew Carleton (22' e 40') e Ayomide Akinola (77')