Wednesday, April 26, 2017

@TripleJump @SLBenfica signed #Cuba Pichardo to compete against @SportingCP in the national championships and vs ex @Benfica champion Nelson Evora

Foto Benfica

Benfica announced on Wednesday the signing of Cuban Pedro Pichardo, one of only five athletes to pass the 18-meter mark in the history of the triple jump.

In 2012 he was world-wide junior champion and in the year of 2015 secured the silver medal in the World-wide ones.

«Benfica has just hired Pedro Pichardo, one of the best athletes in the world and, for us, is the best in Triple Jump. Pedro chose Portugal to live and Sport Lisboa e Benfica to train and compete. Benfica fans should be proud of this choice, "said Fernando Tavares, vice-president of the club, during the athlete's presentation.