Sunday, July 2, 2017

#Portugal star Ricardo Quaresma dedicates 3rd place victory over #Mexico to the victims of the Fire in the Pedrogao Grande #Portugal

Diapositivo 1 de 2: Ricardo Quaresma dedica medalha a família vítima de Pedrógão Grande capa

Ricardo Quaresma dedicates victory to the victims of Pedrógão Grande Fire the killed 64 persons and over 200 injured.

Portugal won Mexico and was third in the Confederations Cup. Shortly after the players received the bronze medal, Ricardo Quaresma was paying a heartfelt homage.

In addition to thanking the Portuguese for all the support given in this competition, the player went further and dedicated his medal to the family of Sacavém who lost his life in the fire of Pedrógão Grande.

"Sergio, Lígia, Bianca, four years old, and Martim of two, a whole family who were victims of the fire of Pedrogão. My prayers are with them and with their families. Sérgio, this medal is dedicated to you and yours and to all the families that have suffered in this tragedy, "he wrote on Facebook.