Friday, March 31, 2017

@CopaAmerica2019 could have 16 teams including #Portugal #Spain #Italy and #France

It is not new the issue of Copa America to have teams from other confederations as special guests for the competition. But the 2019 edition may have some surprising news, according to Globo Esporte.

CONMEBOL may be preparing to increase the number of teams from 12 to 16, considering that the current format of the Copa América usually has 10 South American teams and two invited.

Although the number of selections is most likely to be maintained, CONMEBOL has the right to claim that the competition has 16 teams and Portugal, Spain, France and Italy may be invited to participate in the competition.

It should be noted that from 2020 the Copa América will be played in the same years of the European, that is to say every four years