Wednesday, November 18, 2015

@Cycling @Ciclismo @Boavista @RadioPopular 30rd anniversary average age 23.5

"A renewed team, a strong commitment to its rejuvenation." Sums up the sports director José Santos Boavista squad for 2016, when the formation celebrates the 30th anniversary. "Compared to previous years we lowered the average age immense, starting a new cycle." The average age for the coming season is 23.5.

Despite the young increment, the Boavista keeps main leaders thirties two cyclists, one has to get even at 40. We speak of Rui Sousa (39), and Daniel Silva, with 30. Caesar Fonte, Frederico Figueiredo, David Rodrigues and Ricardo Vale also pass last season, and the new faces are foreign: the Spanish Victor Etexebarria, Carlos Jimenez, Pablo Guerrero and the French Guillaume Almeida.