Thursday, December 3, 2015

@Cycling @Ciclismo @SportingCP @W52 merger

Sporting will return to the road after nearly two decades of absence in partnership with the W52, team that won the last three editions of the Tour of Portugal, reported on Thursday the Alvalade club.

"Sporting Clube de Portugal will participate in the next sporting season of professional cycling, a return to a mode with large scrolls and tradition at the club that still mean a great yearning of members and supporters," can be read in a note published on the site official lions.

roster  Veloso, Samuel Caldeira, Raúl Alarcon, Rui Vinhas, António Carvalho, Joaquim Silva, Angel Rebollido e Juan Ignacio Pérez. Pereira confirmou à Lusa que o conjunto está em negociações com outros três ciclistas.