Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#Chinese company @Ledman will Sponsor #Portuguese Second League 10 players involved and more

Patrocinador obriga clubes da II Liga a integrarem dez jogadores chineses

The Ledman Chinese multinational will sponsor the Portuguese  Second League from next season. However, the agreement signed today in Beijing by the president of the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP), Pedro Proenca involves a clause requiring an exchange in which ten players and three coming assistant coaches in China is integrated into now the teams called Pro League.

According to the statement issued this afternoon by the company in the area of ​​optoelectronics, which also sponsors both China's major football leagues and holds the club Shenzen Renren, the Division Two will be called Ledman Proliga (information that the LFPF not confirms) and the ten top-ranked championship clubs will get a Chinese player.

According to the source, which does not reveal the business values, the League "have to ensure a utilization rate of the players and commit to raise the level of Chinese athletes."

In a statement, LPFP advances that will reveal "timely" more details of the deal that guarantees the II League its first sponsor.