Thursday, January 28, 2016

@Tondela U 21 international Raphael Guzzo returned back to @SLBenfica @CarregaBenfica @NLopes952

Raphael Guzzo,  Benfica loaned to Tondela early in the season, is back to at the Stadium of Light .

The  U21 Portuguese international , which made all the preseason with the main training eagles, saw its loan for one season interrupted in the middle, in an agreement between the two clubs announced Thursday in a statement.

Guzzo was, curiously, one of the most used players Tondela so far this season, having participated in 17 meetings - 12 of them in the starting condition - and in all 1048 minutes.

Romário Baldé and Murillo are the other players on loan from Benfica to remain in Tondela squad.