Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#Portugal @Basquetebol @Basketball with several new projects in 2017

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The Portuguese Basketball Federation (FPB) will present and carry out several new projects in 2017, with the gala of the sport being the highlight of the initiatives that have already been approved in the federative state.

"We are going to have a very prolific new year in 2017. Starting with the change of the headquarters of FPB, which will leave the downtown Pombalina to the upper and new part of the city of Lisbon. Zone between Telheiras and Carnide, "began by revealing to the Lusa agency the federative leader, Manuel Fernandes, who is still only halfway through his term.
He added that the FPB has "a lot of approval", among which "to recover the idea of ​​holding an annual basketball gala, which will serve to reward the distinguished people who stand out in the sport."

"We will promote a forum to discuss and debate one of the most important areas for the evolution of Portuguese basketball, which is the training sector," said Manuel Fernandes.

Among the many decisions already taken and approved are also the holding of a national one-on-one championship for youths in the under-14 and under-16 levels and the holding of a national free-throw tournament.

"We are aware that our young players feel very difficult in international competitions when they need to decide on individual moves. It is urgent to improve that aspect," said the FPB president.

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