Saturday, December 31, 2016

#Portugal @Running @race 42nd @SaoSilvestreAmadora @SLBenfica 1st place Rui Pinto 2nd Samuel Barata 4th Andre Pereira 5th Miguel Borges and 9th Eduardo Mbengani

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Rui Pinto was the great winner of the 42nd São Silvestre Race of Amadora, held, as is tradition, on the last day of the year.

The athlete of SL Benfica completed the distance in 00:30:25, in the oldest São Silvestre of Portugal and, this year, counted on a new route and with the presence of Rosa Mota. Samuel Barata was second in rank with 00:30:28.

André Pereira (00:30:51) was fourth, Miguel Borges (00:30:53) fifth, Eduardo Mbengani (00:31:16) ninth classified.

The race began at 6:00 p.m., but ten minutes before the start of the women's elite round.

In the morning in Lisbon

Hermano Ferreira, in the men's sector, was the winner of the 9th edition of the São Silvestre de Lisboa, a race that gathered thousands of participants and was held for the first time in the morning. Overall, he was second placed behind Jessica Augusto.

"We already have seven kilometers on our legs when we take the Avenida [da Liberdade]. The Avenue is very beautiful to go shopping, to walk, but to run, even to climb, is difficult. , Which, at muscle level, contracts a lot more, "said the SL Benfica athlete.

Hermano Ferreira completed the course at 00:30:10, 11 seconds less than second place in the men's, João Pereira. João Silva (00:30:43), Emanuel Rolim (00:30:52), Ricardo Ribas (00:31:05) and Miguel Arraiolos (00:32:04) were the next to cut the goal.

In the women's section, the winner was Sporting's Jéssica Augusto, followed by Dulce Félix - who has already won the race three times: in 2009, 2013 and 2014 - who completed the 10 kilometers in 00:34:04. Vera Nunes (00:35:47) and Marta Pen (00:36:15) were 44th and 61st, respectively.
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