Sunday, January 8, 2017

@CristianoRonaldo @CR7 @RealMadrid a friend of Jose and @SheffieldWednesday

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Real Madrid star is childhood friend of José Semedo, defense of the team of Carlos Carvalhal

They grew up together in the formation of Sporting and still spend holidays together. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of José Semedo's best friends, but the Portuguese team at Sheffield Wednesday seemed not to believe in their proximity and asked the defense to prove it.

Semedo was not begged and immediately started a video call with Ronaldo, who answered immediately and talked for a few minutes with Barry Bannan and Steven Fletcher, also players at Sheffield Wednesday. The confession was made by Jose Semedo himself, quoted by the Daily Mail. "They never thought I was such a friend of Ronaldo, and then they did not even want to believe it, they were having a normal conversation with him, like he'd been friends with them for years."

The Portuguese player also revealed that Ronaldo asked the players to put Sheffield Wednesday, coach for Carlos Carvalhal, in the Premier League and left a promise to visit the team in Hillsborough in the near future.