Friday, March 24, 2017

@cyling #Portugal 19yr old Daniel Viegas 25th in todays's 5th stage @daniel.viegas 2017 » Tour de Normandie (2.2)

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Daniel Viegas representing Portugal U 19 team
first on the left   #Cycling U19 #European Championships Daniel Viegas was 34th Pedro Teixeira 82nd Joao Almeida 83rd Pedro Lopes 106th Ladies Soraia Silva was 64th

Daniel Viega 19 yrs old
He was one of the dominators of the junior category in 2016, with victories in the Tour of Besaya and the Tour of Loulé. He has been national road runner-up and national champion of persecution. Despite being his first season in the category, he is very curdled as a rider, has a spectacular physique, great mentality and ambition. He has excelled in all the fields and demonstrated his quality in the exits abroad with his previous team, the C.C. Bairrada.