Monday, May 29, 2017

#Portugal @SLBenfica @Raul_Jimenez9 wants to come back strong for pre season in between @ConfederationsCup #Portugal vs #Mexico

Raúl Jiménez

«I want to come back strong for the pre-season» - Raúl Jiménez

The day after being featured in another Benfica conquest, Raúl Jiménez set off for his country and left the return door open.

"I'm very happy, but first I still have the national team. I want to make a good Confederations Cup and come back strong for the pre-season, "said the Mexican forward, who will face a scheduled clash with Portugal on June 18:

"It will be nice, I play here in Portugal and I believe it will be a good match."

On the new season, and the ambition to help Benfica to win the penta, Jiménez shot: "Let's be calm and wait, but facing all games with winning mentality."