Thursday, June 29, 2017

@CRonaldo kept secret from the good of the national team #Portugal

Foto EPA

Cristiano Ronaldo kept secret
Center-back Pepe agrees with national team coach Fernando Santos's decision to dismiss Cristiano Ronaldo from the third-place finisher, as the Portuguese striker has been helping the national team without having seen his sons born two weeks ago.
"He is our captain, our flag. He sacrificed himself to be here with these people. He did his best to help Portugal, unfortunately we could not make it to the final, but we have to congratulate him, because it is a blessing of God to be a father. I feel happy for him. It is the best things that there is nothing life, educating a child and guiding the first steps, "said Pepe.
The Portuguese international revealed how Ronaldo revealed the news.
"Yesterday he had a meeting as captain, he said he had been the father of twins two weeks ago. We were happy for him. I already knew, some mates have not yet. He goes out to see his children in the best way possible. "