Monday, May 28, 2018

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Futebol Fem. - Portuguese Cup Allianz
Game between Sporting CP-SC Braga was the most ever seen in women's football among clubs in Portugal, reaching values ​​slightly higher than those of last season

More than half a million people watched the RTP1 broadcast on Sunday afternoon, watching the Portuguese Women's Cup Final Allianz.

The match, which ended Sporting Clube de Portugal's victory over SC Braga following a goal by Diana Silva in extra time, had an average audience of 508,000 viewers, who deserved a 15% share. This means that between 5:55 pm and 7:45 p.m. on Sunday, 1 in 7 people watching TV chose to watch the game of "lionesses" and "warriors".

With 11,714 spectators on the benches at Jamor, the average audience of 508,000 viewers gives yesterday's game the most visible match between clubs in Portugal in terms of Women's Soccer. Last season, the final between the same teams had average audience and very similar share: 500 thousand people, 17%.

This means that the two most recent editions of the Allianz Women's Portugal Cup Final are currently the two Women's Football matches among the best rated clubs ever, only surpassed by the 875,000 Portugal-England Women's Euro ( at the peak of the hearing, with an average value of 606 thousand), a match made on July 28, 2017.
2017/18 Sporting
2016/17 Sporting
2015/16 Futebol Benfica
2014/15 Futebol Benfica
2013/14 Atlético Ouriense
2012/13 Boavista
2011/12 1.º Dezembro
2010/11 1.º Dezembro
2009/10 1.º Dezembro
2008/09 Escola
2007/08 1.º Dezembro 
2006/07 1.º Dezembro
2005/06 1.º Dezembro
2004/05 Murtoense
2003/04 1.º Dezembro

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