Monday, June 11, 2018

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The 39th edition of the Abimota / Altice Grand Prix, commencing on 13 June, was officially presented at a ceremony at the Anadia High Performance Center - Sangalhos National Velodrome providing details for the five days of competition that will link Lisbon to Águeda .

The one that is one of the oldest national racing competitions - and the only one that has eight shirts and qualifying matches - starts in Lisbon with a time trial by teams of 5.5 km, at 17:00 in Campo Grande. The participating squad will start the next day from Coruche (12:55) in the direction of Proença-a-Nova (17:00) to travel 157.2 km with the goal installed in the vicinity of the Urban Park Comendador João Martins. The third day will be filled in Belmonte with the competition of the third stage, in the form of a circuit (2 laps) and in the distance of 70.8 km, starting at 2:25 p.m. The last stages, at the weekend, will be the longest in the competition. On Saturday, June 16, the match is given in Almeida (25th of April Square, at 11:55) towards Mortágua, having to fulfill 184.4 km with end at Avenida dos Bombeiros Voluntários, at 4:30 p.m. Finally, the last take, will connect, Sunday, June 17, Anadia the Águeda for 156.3 km. The last trip of the competition begins at 12:25 a.m. from the Anadia Municipality Square to 25 de Abril Avenue with estimated arrival at 4:15 p.m.

Of note in the event, with a total of 585.4 km, the debut of three new points of departure and arrival - Lisbon, Coruche and Mortágua - being the day of the start of the competition in full festivities of Santo António , will be preceded in the same place of the dispute of the 3rd race of the Portuguese Cup Matches Santa Casa de Paraciclismo. The race, like the previous editions, will have daily summaries on Sport TV.

The peloton participating in the 39th edition of the Abimota / Altice Grand Prix will be composed of 15 teams: Aviludo-Louletano-Uli, Efapel, LA-Alumínios, Liberty Seguros-Carglass, W52-FC Porto, FGP-Cube- Bombarral, Fortunna- Maia, ACDC Trofa, Miranda-Mortágua, Popular-Boavista Radio, Sporting-Tavira, Vito-Feirense-Blackjack and Sicasal-Constantinos-Delta Cafés. The international component of the race will be ensured by the presence of the Spanish formations KuotaConstrucciones Paulino- Oviedo.Es and Froiz Supermarkets.

In 2017, the victory in the GP Abimota was to the Spanish Vicente Garci'a de Mateos (Louletano-Hospital of Loulé).

The steps
1st (13/06) Lisbon - Lisbon (C / R Teams), 5.5 km
2ª (14/06) Coruche - Proença-a-Nova, 157,2 km
3rd (15/06) Belmonte-Belmonte, 70.8 km
4ª (16/06) Almeida - Mortágua, 184.4 km
5ª (17/06) Anadia - Águeda, 156,3 km