Sunday, June 3, 2018

@cycling @RaceforPeace Goncalo Carvalho was he best Portuguese finished in 28th place

Gonçalo Carvalho finished today the Race of Peace, in the Czech Republic, in the 28th place, being the best cyclist of Team Portugal in this event of the Cup of Nations. Tiago Antunes was the first Portuguese in the last stage, cutting the goal in 35th position.

The final 158-kilometer stage had its departure and arrival in Jesenik. In addition to the hilly and demanding route, the runners found a rainy day that made life even more difficult for them.

In the initial and flatter phase, Ivo Oliveira was involved in an escape, but the initiative did not resist entering the more wavy sector of the trip, ending up being the climbers to discuss the stage and the overall classification.

The Slovenian Tadej Pogacar made the double, took the stand alone and won the yellow jersey. Basque Xuban Errazkin, a Vito-Feirense-BlackJack rider, was the second in the stage, at 1m03s, the same difference of the third, the Polish Kamil Malecki.

Tiago Antunes was the 35th, at 2m08s, followed by Gonçalo Carvalho, 58th, at 4m37s, Rui Oliveira, 65th, at 7m40s, Ivo Oliveira, 88th, at 19m46s, Gonçalo Leaça, 97th. , to 21m20s, and Venceslau Fernandes, 99th, to 21m20s.

The podium of the general was occupied by Tadej Pogacar, Samuele Battistella, to 41 seconds, and Marc Hirschi, to 44 seconds. The Portuguese were classified as follows: Gonçalo Carvalho, 28th, 8m52s, Tiago Antunes, 48th, 18m13s, Rui Oliveira, 55th, 20m49s, Gonçalo Leaça, 92nd, 4

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