Monday, June 4, 2018

@soccer U15 #Portugal team half of the call ups are born outside of Portugal #France #Switzerland and #Germany

Half of the Portuguese U 15 nation team born outside of Portugal of Portuguese parents in France, Switzerland, Germany
Paolo and Vítor Lebas were called to the National Team for the first time. The brothers, who line up in Ajaccio, France, do not hide their satisfaction for the debut in the service of the Quinas Team.
The nervousness and initial surprise were not enough to hide the enormous pride of the debut by the National Team. Called the National Under-15 / Under-16 Team for the first time, the brothers Paolo and Vítor Lebas revealed, in declarations to, the immense satisfaction of having been summoned by Emilio Peixe, National Coach.
On the day he started the under-15 / under-16 observation stage, with a training session in the City of Soccer, Paolo Lebas highlighted the joy of having the opportunity to wear the colors of Portugal: "It's a tremendous pride I've been a little since I was with the national team on television, as was Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a symbol all over the world, and I'm really happy, "he said.
The youngest, Vítor Lebas, stressed that this is a "unique opportunity to represent our country": "It is a special moment, especially for our family. I am honored by this call," he said.
Asked about the origin of this dream, Paolo underlined the connection to Portugal: "Since I was little I dream to represent the National Team." We followed Portuguese football from France.
Paolo Lebas defines himself as a "strong box-to-box to defend and make the difference in more advanced terrain". Vitor, in turn, assumes himself as a "very offensive" left defender and having Raphael Guerreiro as a great example.
Amiens SC: Enzo Alves;
A Académica Coimbra: Pedro Caldeira;
A Académica Santarém: Rafael Alcobia e Rodrigo Neves;
AC Ajaccio: Paolo Lebas e Vitor Lebas;
Clube Sportif Bretigny: Flávio Cordeiro;
FC Fribourg: Diogo Filipe Cardoso;
FC Galatasaray Zurich: Cláudio Duarte;
FC Lugano: Frederico Cardoso;
FC Luzern: Luís Fonseca;
FC Rouen: Valentino Rodrigues;
FC Sion: João Pedro Faria;
FC Thun: Daniel Correia, JLeandro Marques e Patrick Sampaio;
Rio Ave FC: Davide Romana;
Servette FC: Bruno Mirra, Diogo Monteiro, Fábio Correia e oão Tomás Marques;
Stuttgarter Kickers: Nuno Fernandes;
VFL Wolfsburg: Enrique da Silva e Jaime Marques.

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