Thursday, December 22, 2016

@Running 42nd and oldest #Portugal #SaoSilvestre da @Amadora @Lisbon #Portugal

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The 42nd edition of the oldest São Silvestre of Portugal presents a new costumes and a renewed course, also betting on a new organization in technical terms, work in charge of HMS Sports.

The start of the 10 km will take place on Estrada dos Salgados, next to the underground station Amadora Este. Participants will head to the city center, passing by the Aventura Park and the volcano roundabout (Mina).

At the sixth kilometer of test, they will face the mythical ascent of the Commandoes, who are returning, passing later on the main artery of Amadora, Rua Elias Garcia. The goal will be installed in Praça São Silvestre.

Another novelty will be the animation along the 10 kilometers, with the presence of bands in front of the Chafariz restaurant, next to the statue of the fireman, in the roundabout of the volcano and in the General Humberto Delgado Av., In the Central Park; And street entertainers (fire spitters, jugglers and batuqueiros) in R. Elias Garcia, to the Lido near the ascent of the Commands, and in the park Delfim Magalhães.

With these changes, it intends to improve the participants' experience, at least that is the expectation of the autarchy and Rangel, organizers of the São Silvestre da Amadora.

During the press conference, many were the stories and experiences shared by the guests, some of whom even participated in the race. In the case of Rosa Mota, the participation was crowned with the victory in the 15th edition, in the year of 1989.

In addition to recalling the event, with particular emphasis on the support of the public in the streets, "Rosinha" launched a challenge to the organization: "What if São Silvestre da Amadora started at midnight? Year running! "

Challenges to the parties, in the end, the president of CM Amadora lived with two winners of São Silvestre da Amadora. Besides Rosa Mota, Rita Borralho, the first female winner of the event, was also present.

The 42nd São Silvestre da Amadora is scheduled for 18h00 (general game), on December 31st, with the women's elite leaving at 5h50. The traditional parade of old cars will make the course of the race from 17:05.