Thursday, December 22, 2016

@Wolverhampton is on talks with @SLBenfica to signed Helder Costa and Joao Teixeira both playrs on loan

Wolverhampton will be in talks with Benfica for the definitive signing of Hélder Costa and João Teixeira.

According to the Express & Star newspaper, the English club, currently ranked 18th Championhisp, told the SL Benfica  SAD  the intention to acquire the passes of the two players.

But it is Hélder Costa who has most charmed the Wolves' leaders, yet aware of the complexity of keeping the 22-year-old at the Molineux next season.

"Hélder is a fantastic player but it will be difficult if we are not in the Premier League. It would always be a difficult business, not only because of the financial side, but also because of the growing reputation of Hélder. The player always has a say in any business. However, whenever I speak to someone in the club the first person they ask about is Helder. He has done a fantastic job and we will do everything in our power to keep the best players, "said sports director Kevin Thelwell in statements to that publication.