Thursday, August 18, 2016

#Portugal #Rio2016 at the moment second best for #Portuguese athlets with 3 days to go, less medals then 3 in #Athens but better all around a lot of 4th and 5th positions

At this point, with still three days of competing  Portugal already equaled the record achieved in Atlanta, which was the second best ever, only beaten by Atenas'2004, the best of all.
To reach this conclusion, assign points to all athletes who are in the top eight places of the respective proof. Thus, the first rated receives eight points, the second receive seven and so forth until the eighth receiving point.
At this point, in Rio de Janeiro Games, Portugal total  35 points, as many as did 20 years ago in Atlanta. In Athens we reached 44 points, a number that is still possible to achieve in this edition, especially thinking of the 20 km march, where Ana Cabecinha can shine, and also the proof of K4 1000 meters.
Here are the best ever games for Portugal:

Points edition
Atenas'2004 44
Atlanta'1996 and Rio de Janeiro'2016 35
Sydney'2000 30
Londres'2012 and Pequim'2008 28
Los Angeles'1984 26