Tuesday, June 12, 2018

@futebolfeminino @womenssoccer @SLBenfica signed ex @ScBraga central defender Silvia Rebelo

Sílvia Rebelo

Sílvia Rebelo reinforces the women's football team of Benfica, a project with a debut scheduled for 2018/19. The 29-year-old central defender does not hide the honor of being able to wear the Holy Mantle.
"It's a feeling of pride, I'm a Benfica fan, it's a dream come true." Sport Lisboa and Benfica's project is quite big, "she told BTV.

She started in soccer at school, represented a team in her city for 14 years and in 2009 she went to play for the Laura Santos Foundation where she remained until 2016, when she was hired by SC Braga.

"I started playing at the school with the boys, like most of us. I'm from Gouveia, I played in a team there for 14 years, then I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Marques and no doubt he is responsible for my I had the opportunity to work with him in Braga, he is an excellent professional, "said Sílvia Rebelo.

Now that she joins SL Benfica, Sílvia Rebelo does not hide that she is facing a "dream": "It was a surprise, I was not expecting anything. I dreamed about it, but it is one of those dreams that we know can hardly be fulfilled, "I want to win titles, I have been in the football world for some time and unfortunately I have not won any trophies yet, and this is the project that guarantees that I will win the title that I so long for".

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